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Advising at Kent

Along with teaching, coaching, and mentoring, one of the greatest responsibilities faculty members have is advising Kent students. The main goal of an advisor is to be the point person for your son or daughter while they’re here.

An advising group comprises between 3-10 students. Students may stay with their advisor the entire time they’re here (most do). Or a student may shift to another advisor at any time. The important thing is that your son or daughter feels a real connection to the faculty member. Toward that end, we match students with specific faculty based on mutual interests. 

Advisors are available to their advisees at any hour of the day. Advising is such a priority at Kent that there are three dedicated times each week for students to meet with their advisors- twice during the academic day, and each week, advisors share formal dinner with their advisory.

What does the advisor do for your student? Anything that you would do for them:

  • Give advice on classes and academic work
  • Invite them over for dinner 
  • Advise on roommate dynamics
  • Give a lift to the train
  • Spend time with them
  • Listen 

Advisors are also the point of contact between parents and the school. If you have concerns or questions—or just want to check in—the faculty advisor is whom you should contact. Our goal is that each student finds a true mentor here, someone who will look out for your son or daughter and help him or her thrive as a Kent student.

Contact Cathy You, Advising Coordinator