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Visual Arts

Kent School visual arts pieces in a Kent art studio

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Kent promotes critical and creative thinking, effective communication, active empathy, and engaged citizenship in the exploration of the creative process.
Kent School student installing an art display in the hallway

Regardless of your skill level as an artist, exploring your creative side through visual arts will serve you well in your other studies at Kent—and in life.

Engage in Self-Discovery

In Kent's Visual Arts courses, you will develop your intellect, hone your style, and explore your spirituality through the creative process. It is one more way for you to navigate the path to self-discovery that is so essential to the high school years.

Build Interdisciplinary Bridges

Our teachers view the arts as part of the whole student experience, approaching instruction based on process, not outcomes.

Art In Community

Students have the chance to interact with visiting artists, performers, and alumni through Kent’s Performing Arts and Lecture Series. Meanwhile, school hallways act as galleries, featuring rotating exhibitions of student work across all styles and media. Exhibitions are not limited to campus, as students participate annually in local, state, and national competitions.



Visual Arts Courses

Create two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks and investigate an array of artists in Introduction to Studio Art.

Explore the properties and qualities of space as you seek experimental solutions in Architecture.

Focus on the use of the potter’s wheel and some hand-building techniques as you create in Pottery.

Learn how to use a digital camera and manipulate your files using the Adobe Creative Suite in Digital Imaging.

Work with a variety of techniques and media to create portraits, still lifes, and landscapes in Drawing.

Discover what makes film relevant for fine art photography in Film Photography.

Develop your technique and familiarize yourself with materials of oil painting within the context of still life, portraiture, and landscape in Oil Painting.

Create using the traditional and innovative materials and techniques of contemporary sculpture and 3-D design in Sculpture.



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