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Modern Languages

Modern Languages

Build fluency with language, cultures, and the world at large through the study of Modern Languages at Kent.

Studying languages advances your ability to examine, interpret, and understand art and culture across the world.

A Global Outlook

By studying French, Spanish, and Chinese—plus electives in Italian or Russian in alternating years—you will think critically, take risks, and cultivate a varied skill set that can be applied in every context, from your other classes at Kent to international travel.

Broaden Your Expression

As you develop understanding of modern languages, you will expand your ability to express yourself both orally and in writing. As you increase your knowledge and understanding of the culture and civilization of the target language, you will access new forms of personal expression.

Intercultural Fluency

By emphasizing listening, speaking, reading, and writing, modern languages at Kent empower you to use your skills in real-world situations with individuals of different cultures, helping you to navigate the world as an engaged citizen.



Modern Languages Courses

Designed for qualified students who are interested in completing Chinese studies beyond the level four Chinese class that is offered at Kent.

Master the pronunciation system and tones, gain an understanding of the essential components of Chinese characters, and develop basic speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in Chinese 1.

Develop your grammar, sentence structure, and practical use of the Chinese language while expanding your vocabulary and related knowledge of the language in Chinese 2.

Develop your fluency and natural spoken expression in Chinese 3.

Expand your reading and writing skills while enhancing your spoken skills in Chinese 4.

Review all foundational grammar while expanding your vocabulary and cultural knowledge through short texts, films, and projects in French 3 and Honors French 3.

Take a comprehensive approach to representative works in French literature and master the techniques of literary analysis in all genres in Advanced French Literature.



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