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Through English at Kent, you will learn to analyze and appreciate texts, think and write critically, and respect and consider the opinions of others in their own analysis.

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English provides students with experiences that help them see themselves, others, and their world with greater complexity and clarity.

Making Connections

Kent's English Department guides students in analyzing works of literature and recognizing the texts’ significance in their own lives. Through this process, students develop into perceptive readers, no matter what the genre.

Respecting, Appreciating, and Responding to Different Perspectives

English students are challenged to express themselves in discussions with others inside and outside the classroom. Understanding the perspectives of others and responding with empathy and productive criticism is key to understanding something greater than oneself.

Writing with Clarity, Authenticity, and Creativity

Practicing writers are perceptive critics. While the critical essay is a primary focus of writing instruction, Kent also emphasizes expression in personal narratives, fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.

English Courses

Develop your reading and writing skills in a collaborative classroom environment in English 1.

Develop your authentic written voice in English 4. 

Academic Departments

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