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Kent School

Parents Association

A Kent School family posing together during Family Weekend

Parents Association

Parents play a key role at Kent School as their children’s biggest fans and in the efforts of Kent to provide them with the best possible experience.

The Parents Association makes it easy for parents to get involved in many areas of school life, whether planning events, fundraising, or connecting with future students.

Kent School students posing for a photo taken by both of their mothers on their phones

Whether a current parent or your family is considering Kent, you will find a school that is deeply committed to giving our children the tools to navigate a complex world. And as parents, we are an essential part of the equation for a successful student experience! So, we urge you to help us strengthen our beloved community. 
 - Jessica Bowler P’24,’25 and Stefanie Sacks Dec P’24
Parents Association Co-Presidents

My son was looking for a school with a strong sense of community, something that was missing locally. Since my husband is a Kent alumnus (’89), we were drawn to what we knew and adored. While the academic rigor and high-level athletics resonated, what also stood out was how Kent fosters independence with an emphasis on self-reliance, a large part of what prepares students for their life beyond high school. My daughter then fell in love with Kent, and we are thrilled to now have our whole family integrated into the fiber of this special community. 

Jessica Bowler P’24,’25 

My son came to Kent by way of Cardigan Mountain School; thus, we knew what worked for him and our family. Challenging academics and athletics aside, we sought a boarding school community grounded in humility and student well-being, one that valued the simplicity of life, and could guide our son towards a larger and more purposeful existence. 

Stefanie Sacks Dec P’24