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Meet Kent Faculty

Our close-knit, supportive community is a big reason students choose Kent, and it’s a big reason students thrive here. So we’d like to give you the opportunity to meet some of us. We are not only your teachers, but we’re coaches and advisors. We feel like being together in different contexts not only makes a strong community, it builds a stronger you. It’s fun too. So whether it’s in a classroom or the library, in a practice room or on the stage, on a playing field or in the gym, in your dorm or in our residences for dinner, we’re here to support your efforts and applaud your accomplishments. Come meet us!

Andrew Abrams '09

AAHistory Department
Head Coach, Boys JV Ice Hockey
Assistant Coach, Boys Varsity Lacrosse 

How does it happen that the student becomes the teacher? After graduating Kent in 2009, Mr. Abrams finished his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Classics and Classical Languages, Literature and Linguistics at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. He then earned his masters at The City University of New York, stopping at Oxford (where better to study Classics?) in-between. In 2016, Mr. Abrams came back to Kent to teach Honors and Regular Ancient & Medieval History and US History. "My own memories as a student brought me back to Kent. The people here inspired me to become a teacher. I love that at Kent teaching goes beyond the classroom. I always felt lucky to be able to go to Kent. The values I found here fit what I had been taught at home and it seemed like an extension of my family. I wanted to help bring those memories and opportunities for current and future students in a place that still shares those values in shaping the whole person." His advice to Kent students? "My advice is to not be afraid of putting yourself out-there. Talk to your classmates and your teachers, these can be friendships you will have long after you graduate (speaking from personal experience!)."

Ryan Badecker

RBMath Department
Co-Advisor, Kent Math Team
Assistant Coach, Girls JV Ice Hockey and Softball

It’s not all about the numbers at Kent; community service is an integral variable in the equation of Kent life for students and faculty. Ms. Badecker sums it up perfectly, “I have truly enjoyed working with and getting to know students through community service. Together we have organized Relay for Life events, traveled to New York City for Habitat for Humanity, and journeyed to Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, and Peru for work with GlobeAware and Outreach 360. These experiences have allowed me to jump out of my comfort zone, right along with the students, and get to know them in a new and positive way. I have also been able to learn from the students through these trips, which is an exciting role reversal.”

Tom Hunt

THEnglish Department
Head Coach, Boys Varsity Tennis and Girls JV Squash 

Kent life isn’t the exclusive domain of students. Temperantia, Fiducia, Constantia is embodied in the experience of every member of the faculty. “The Kent motto doesn't fully embody my experience at Kent. Working with adolescents gives me a fuller appreciation of life's complexity. As for Self-Reliance, what makes the Kent community so special is its interdependence: we all need and rely on each other. I guess Directness of Purpose is the part of Kent's motto that resonates the most with me. I never question the purpose of  my work: to make a difference in the lives of young people. I think we're all working  unambiguously toward that end.” Thank you, Mr. Hunt, for the clarity of your purpose.

Anne Russell

ARDean of Faculty
Classics Department
Head Coach, Girls JV Soccer 

Anne has been teaching Latin and Ancient Greek at Kent for twenty-two years, bearing witness to some amazing changes. “I arrived at Kent in 1990 fresh out of Princeton University.  The valley campus was the boys’ school, and the upper campus was the girls’ school. The way that the School has evolved over the past two and a half decades has been astounding. The Kent of today provides a warm and open forum for the intermingling of cultures, talents, and knowledge.” Kent faculty are more than just teachers: they are coaches, supporters, and advisors. For many, some of the most meaningful work happens outside of the classroom. “I would have to say that the experience of working with my advisees has been the most meaningful to me over the years. To help a young person become a knowledgeable, kind, and confident young adult is such a privilege. As an advisor, I have seen the tears, witnessed the struggles and thus have been able to celebrate joyfully with my advisees when they have reached their goals.”