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Kent School

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Alumni Council 2017-18

Mr. Philippe E. Alexandre 1984
Mrs. Beverly G. Cole Costello 1973
Miss Ashley L. Cooke 1998
Mr. Jeffrey K. Crowell 2001
Miss Megan E. Dodge 2004
Dr. Ernest W. Franklin IV 1987, President
Mr. Adam W. Friedman 2003
Mrs. Leslie H. Gleason Smith 1966
Miss Paige L. Host 2010
Mr. Jesse B. Kimball 1998, Vice-President
Ms. Samantha A. Krupnick Sollof 2005
Mr. Peter E. Lewine 1965
Mr. James W. Mell 1960
Mr. Jean A. Nihoul 2005
Ms. Catherine M. O’Brien 1982
Mr. Paul A. Pavlis 1973, Secretary
Mr. Adam S. Peck 1982
Mr. Frederick B. Pickering Jr. 1965
Mr. Benjamin L. Seidenstein 2007
Mrs. Aisha R. Simpson Williams 1998
Mr. Charles R. Smith 1974
Mr. Brett I. Waibel 1997

Alumni Council Meetings 2017-2018

Fall Meeting: Friday, October 6 at Kent
Winter Meeting: Saturday, January 27 at the Yale Club of New York
Spring Meeting with the Board of Trustees: Friday, May 11 

For additional information on the Alumni Council, please contact Denny Mantegani, Director of Alumni Giving, at 860-927-6274 or via email at