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From the Head of School

Mike Hirschfeld Head of SchoolWelcome to Kent School! As you make your way through our website, I hope you get a sense of what makes Kent an extraordinary school. It is a place of remarkable opportunity and transformation.

Kent’s curriculum is at once traditional and innovative. We support our students’ intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social growth through a relationship-based program. You will be known and appreciated for who you are during your Kent journey.

Through myriad academic, chapel, service, artistic, and athletic programs, Kent is committed to educating the whole person. We have a lot of fun at Kent; it is a place of joy; but we take seriously our responsibility to provide our students with the skills necessary to be engaged citizens and leaders in the world.

Of course, even the best website cannot fully explain the breadth of opportunities, the depth of relationships, and the strength of the Kent community, so please come and visit us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kent!





Michael G. Hirschfeld
Head of School

Our Motto

Kent’s school motto is Simplicity of Life, Directness of Purpose, and Self-Reliance.

These values shape how we run the school and how we live our lives. They affect how we see the world and how we teach our students about it. They ground us in the important things like friends and family, hard work, and honesty. They remind us that spiritual understanding and growth, though sometimes difficult, are necessary to know oneself and to know one’s path.

Our guiding words prompt us to be self-sufficient and, as you’ll see when you come to Kent, we instill this in our students at every turn. We reward self-motivation and initiative. If students want to start a new club or do an Independent Study Project, we’ll assist and applaud them.

But none of this counteracts the sense of community that is strong at Kent, for there is something about poise and certitude that brings out generosity and neighborliness. It may be surprising, given how intelligent and ambitious our students are, but you’ll find that we all work together here. Students don’t have a sense of competing against each other; they feel they’re on the same team.

Our Mission

As an independent boarding school in keeping with the Episcopal Church, we prepare students for college and for life with a rigorous and comprehensive program. We teach those who strive to grow, nurture striving where it falters, foster academic excellence, and promote understanding of and respect for one another’s beliefs and differences.