The kinds of courses we offer at Kent are hard to find outside of a college. In fact, given the interesting and challenging range of classes here, you might forget you’re still in high school. There’s Contemporary Young Adult Fiction and 20th Century Capitalism. You can study Genetics or Meteorology. You can read Homer in the original Greek or practice your conversational Italian. And most of our courses have accelerated, honors and AP options, so you can match the level of difficulty to your level of ambition.

In fact, as you look through the courses at a glance, you might start to wonder how to choose. In the spring of each year, you’ll meet with both your advisor and the Director of Studies to review your choices for the coming year and decide the best way to meet your graduation requirements while indulging your own intellectual curiosity.

In addition to the phenomenal courses in our catalog, Kent offers you the opportunity to take on an independent study project. Delve into what interests you, whether it’s the architecture of Camelot, the economy of Kosovo or writing a computer program to build and solve mazes.

So, with all the great academic options at Kent, you’ll find there’s only one big problem: you can’t take them all.

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